about fauxbait

it all started in 2015...

What is FauxBait?

/r/FauxBait was originally created in 2015 as a porn subreddit devoted to sharing images and videos of the youngest-looking, legal-aged (18+) girls. The term “FauxBait” is a portmanteau of “faux,” meaning false, and “jailbait,” a slang term which refers to sexually-attractive, underage people. Thus, “FauxBait” refers to someone who looks like jailbait, despite being old enough to legally star in porn (according to US law).

Why was /r/FauxBait created?

Throughout the history of Reddit, a great many subreddits featured images of young-looking girls. Many of those subreddits were banned because their moderators didn’t block underage content. (In fact, one of the first subreddits banned for this reason was /r/JailBait, which featured underage girls exclusively.) It was clear that the demand for young-looking models existed, but there were not enough subreddits willing to ensure that their content was 100% legal.

We decided to create /r/FauxBait to cater to that demand, promoting young-looking models while enforcing strict rules to ensure that all content was legal and safe. In this manner, we could be certain that the niche would be filled and that the subreddit would never need to be shut down.

Do you allow amateur content to be shared on your network?

We do allow content from cam models and amateur porn artists, but only if it comes from sites like MFC, ManyVids, or Chaturbate, where all models must submit to age verification before they’re allowed to share their content. We absolutely do not allow amateur images featuring unknown women, as there is no way to reliably verify their age.

Does the FauxBait Network promote pedophilia/hebephilia?

While fauxbait.club aims to promote the youngest-looking, legal-aged women, we absolutely do not condone child abuse in any context. We refuse to allow any underage content to be posted to any part of our network, and we actively ban and report anyone who attempts to post such material. In addition, we offer many resources for Minor-Attracted Persons (MAPs) to seek help if they feel they need it (see the Resources for MAPs page for more information).

In fact, according to recent studies, providing legal access to child pornography resulted in “a significant decrease in the incidence of child sex abuse.” While we have no intention of ever sharing or promoting child abuse content or child pornography, the staff of /r/FauxBait hope that having access to images of young-looking, legal-aged models can provide a similar result, giving MAPs a safe, legal outlet where they can find relief, thus reducing the incidence of child sex abuse.

If this is a porn site, where is your 18 U.S.C. ยง 2257-compliance statement?

The FauxBait Network and fauxbait.club are neither the producer or provider of images on the network, and as such hold no responsibility for images published by third parties on the network. Images not found to be in compliance with 18 USCS 2257, will be removed immediately upon discovery or notification of infringing content, and the responsible parties reported to the NCMEC, in compliance with 18 USCS 2258A.