FauxBait Chat Tutorial

everything you need to know to connect to the fauxbait chat server

The FauxBait Club Keybase team (called “cravenwood_cove”) is hosted on Keybase.io. Keybase provides apps for both desktop and mobile devices, including 100% end-to-end encryption of all messages and files shared on the platform, allowing users to collaborate and communicate in a safe, encrypted way.

How to join:

  1. Download the client for Mobile or Desktop.
  2. Create an account.
  3. Go to the ‘teams’ tab and click ‘Join a Team’.
  4. Type ‘cravenwood_cove’ into the text box.
  5. Click ‘continue’.
  6. You will be contacted shortly by Craven Crow, the Cravenwood Cove gatekeeper.


Cravenwood Cove has three sub-teams, each dedicated to a different porn subset:

  • cravenwood_cove.docks: General porn.
  • cravenwood_cove.dungeon: BDSM/Fetish porn.
  • cravenwood_cove.harem: Petite/Teen (18+) porn. (This is where FauxBait gets posted.)

To gain access to these sub-teams, you’ll first need to join the primary cravenwood_cove team, then request access to each in the same manner as you did to join the cove.

Direct Messages

Keybase.io also allows for Direct Messages (DMs) between individuals. These DMs, just like all other messages and files sent on Keybase.io, are 100% end-to-end encrypted, and the admins and moderators of the FauxBait Network have no way of knowing what you say or do in DMs. However, posting in Cravenwood Cove to request that people “trade pics in private” or join outside teams is a bannable offense. If anyone sends you illegal content, or requests that you send them illegal content, you should assume that it’s a trap, and you should report it to @rickyraccoon immediately so we can ban them from the FauxBait Network.

A Word of Warning

The laws regarding pornography and non-nude content vary by state and country. Please be aware of the laws in your area when choosing whether to join these channels.