Resources for MAPs

Are you attracted to minors? Get help here.

If you are a Minor-Attracted Person (MAP) struggling with your desire or urges toward underage girls and/or boys, it might seem as if the whole world is out to get you. The idea of seeking help for this problem can be scary, and many MAPs avoid help altogether because they’re afraid they’ll be thrown in jail or attacked. But help does exist! There is hope, and the FauxBait Network wants to ensure that all MAPs can get the help they need to cope with their problem.

  • Virtuous Pedophiles – A support group for MAPs seeking to prevent child abuse.
  • Association for Sexual Abuse Prevention – Provides referrals to mental health professionals as well as counseling services via Skype. Calls therapists on behalf of pedophiles to vet them for views on mandatory reporting as well as for willingness and ability to help pedophiles in need.
  • The Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers – A national professional association of specialists in the field of sexual abuser treatment. Although the therapists primarily treat pedophiles who have had sex with children, we are told that many of the therapists who are listed have the skill and desire to treat child-celibate pedophiles as well. For a referral contact them by phone or email. No identifying information required.
  • Stop It Now – An organization dedicated to prevention of child sexual abuse. Includes helpful resources for pedophiles who wish to avoid offending.
  • Specialist Treatment Organization for the Prevention of Sexual Offending – StopSO UK is an organisation that aims to prevent sexual offending through therapy.
  • Prevention Project Dunkelfeld – Located in Germany. The Prevention Project Dunkelfeld (PPD) provides confidential treatment free of charge for individuals who have a partial or exclusive sexual preference in terms of pedophilia or hebephilia and seek therapeutic help. The goal of the therapy is to cope with problems in dealing with the particular sexual preference. From a patient’s point of view, focus is on controlling one’s own behaviour in order to prevent child sexual abuse and child pornography offending. The therapeutic procedure integrates behavioural therapy and sexological approaches and also includes the option for pharmaceutical support.
  • Circles of Support and Accountability – Located in Canada. Groups of volunteers who provide assistance and social support and who, in turn, receive support and supervision from professionals.
  • AASECT – A professional organization of sex educators, therapists and counselors. The web site includes a ‘Locate a Professional’ function, some of whom have expertise with pedophilia.
  • SSTAR – A community of professionals who have clinical interests in human sexual concerns, including pedophilia. The web site includes a therapist directory.

(Thanks to VirPed for compiling this information!)