Cravenwood Cove

Last week our original Keybase teams were shut down by the Keybase administration. This is likely due to the fact that they misunderstood the nature of “FauxBait,” and due to the fact that some of our members had abused the service to host content that Keybase didn’t like. Presuming us all guilty by association, they banned all of our teams and all of our members.

However! We have risen from the ashes once more, and have created a new FauxBait Network porn team called Cravenwood Cove, a team dedicated not only to FauxBait, but to all kinds of great porn! We’ve crafted a scripted gatekeeper-bot to ensure that new users have read and agreed to the rules, and we’ll be expanding the content channels as our userbase grows.

To learn more about Cravenwood Cove, check out the chat tutorial. We look forward to seeing you!